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Test Tools - QABOOK
QABook™ is a test management product that allows you to create, manage and edit:
  With the choice of Desktop, Web or Microsoft SharePoint as your user interface - on premise or in the cloud - QABook™ is the perfect choice.

Quality Assurance Test Software

Test Management

QABook Enterprise

QABook™ Enterprise QABook™ Enterprise integrates directly with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013 providing your organisation with an amazing test and quality management solution. Also available in the cloud.

QABook Desktop

QABook™ Desktop QABook™ Desktop is a test management solution fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. It can be deployed as a standalone desktop application or as a client server solution.

Defect Management

QABook BugShare

QABook™ BugShare QABook™ BugShare integrates directly with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013 providing your organisation with a comprehensive defect tracking tool. Also available as SaaS on our cloud.

QABook BugReach

QABook™ BugReach QABook™ BugReach allows for web based defect management. This solution can be deployed as a standalone issue tracking system, or in conjunction with QABook™ Desktop and/or Enterprise.

What can QABook™ offer you?

Quality Assurance and Issue Tracking are now at the heart of any business. Our Test Management tool and defect management suite of products – QABook™ - is perfect for tracking the quality of your project regardless of size, team location or whether you’re following a traditional or agile software development methodology. Here’s why…..

  • roadmap We had a well defined roadmap once. Then we started winning customers. Then we started listening to their ideas. Then we scrapped our roadmap. This was the best thing we could have done. Join us and help build your test management tool
  • alternative deployment We recognise that the web is the most popular platform, but we wanted to give you alternative deployment options. Not everyone has the ability to set up a web server for example
  • standalone feature As good as it would be, we can’t always be online. With QABook™ you can create a local standalone desktop version, take it offline to conduct field/site tests, and then upload any bugs found when you’re next online
  • familiar interface QABook™ has been designed to present a familiar interface. All editions of QABook™ follow Microsoft design guidelines. Even non-technical staff will find our test tool intuitive
  • MS Sharepoint integration By integrating with Microsoft SharePoint, you can implement QABook™ your way. You can extend and customise your templates and centralise your project assets. SharePoint plus QABook™ provides you with one of the most powerful test and quality management platforms
  • flexible test management solution One size definitely does not fit all, even within the same company, so our goal is to create the most flexible test management solution on the market

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