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Get the answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions about QABook™ Desktop, QABook™ Server, QABook™ BugReach and QABook™ Enterprise.


QABook™ Desktop - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Usage
    Q. 1 : Can I launch automation scripts from QABook™?   expand
    Yes.QABook™ can launch applications and scripts by using the Application test case type. Create an 'Application' or 'Application with Screens' project and then when creating new test cases select the type of test case that matches the project type. Using the application type test case will allow you to specify the file to be opened. When you set up your Test Run you'll have the option select web browsers, this isn't mandatory and you can leave it. However, make sure you check the tick-box for 'Automatically Launch Applications' so all those you have in your test case will be run for you.
    Q. 2 : Why are all the menus and buttons disabled and why won't the Project Selection/Creation splash screen load?   expand
    This happens for one of the following reasons:
    1. If you installed a previous trial version of QABook™ and the trial period has expired. If this was the case, please send us an email by using the Contact Us form and we will guide you on how to Activate the product.
    2. Machine specific issue. Please send details of your machine spec with a screen shot to
    Q. 3 : How can I work with other people using Desktop Edition?   expand
    You can export and share projects, requirements, environments, project team and test cases files with co-workers or other members of the QABook™ community.  You can use QABook's own file types or Microsoft Excel to do this.
  • Installation
    Q. 1 : What Operating Systems does QABook™ Desktop work on?   expand
    QABook™ will work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Server 2008. It requires .Net 3.5 and SQL Server Express Edition.
    Q. 2 : What are the System Requirements for QABook™?   expand
    As a rule of thumb, if SQL Server is going to work on your system then QABook™ should as well. The base requirements for SQL Server are shown below:
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services
    • Pentium III-compatible processor or higher
    • Minimum: 600 MHz Recommended: 1 GHz or higher
    • Minimum: 512 MB Recommended: 1 GB or more
    • Maximum: Operating system maximum 
    Q. 3 : What language packs are available for QABook™?   expand
    QABook™ can support any language. We have limited language packs available at present and are always looking for clients to help us put language packs together. We are willing to offer a discount on licenses of QABook™ in exchange for language packs. Please email if you are interested in helping us create a language pack for your region.
  • Upgrades
    Q. 1 : How do I upgrade?   expand
    If you are thinking of upgrading, you will need to complete a Software Testing Enquiry form, or email us at with your upgrade request. A member of the QABook™ team will get back to you with the information you desire.
    Q. 2 : Can I get a discount if I upgrade later?   expand
    If you are a QABook™ Desktop customer and want to upgrade to QABook™ Enterprise then you will be eligible for a discount. If you have been using the free QABook™ Desktop edition and have been an active member of our forums then we will consider you for a discount.
    Q. 3 : What other Test Management tools can QABook™ integrate with?   expand
    QABook™ does not directly integrate with any other Test Management tool. However, if you are working with another Test Management tool or a bug tracking tool and you want to move your data into QABook™, or use QABook™ alongside your existing tools, then you can import Requirements, Test Cases and Defects into QABook™ quite easily. QABook™ has a facility to export to and import from Microsoft Excel. As long as your other tools also support import/export to/from Microsoft Excel then you can easily move data between the systems.
    Q. 4 : I install fully licensed copies of the QABook™ client software, following my purchase of QABook™ Desktop, and a couple of days later the QABook™ client tells me I only have 2 days remaining. Why is this?   expand
    QABook™ Server licensing works on a per user basis, not a per PC basis. You may have used an Administrator account on your PC to install the QABook™ client software and enter the full license key? If this is the case you will only be able to use the fully licensed version of QABook™ if you log into your PC using that Admin user. If you were to switch to another user on that PC you will still see QABook™ but QABook™ will think you are a new user and therefore revert to the 5 day trial license that comes with the software. If this is the case and you need to install software on your PC using an Admin account please make sure you install the QABook™ software using the Admin account but then switch to the main user account before entering the full license key.
  • Database
    Q. 1 : When QABook™ Starts up, I get the error: "Service MSSQL was not found on computer" :   expand
    This error occurs when SQL Server service was not installed properly or the SQLBrowser service is not running. QABook™ can reconfigure the database connection settings by deleting the config.ini file from "My Documents\NMQA\QABook Files\Configuration\" directory and starting QABook™ again, the database configuration screen will load automatically allowing you to choose the SQL Server to use. After QABook™ detects the SQL Servers installed on the local machine, the result should look like: "MachineName\SQLExpress" on the drop down list. If this does not resolve the issue, you can install another named instance of SQL Server by downloading the setup file from Make sure to uncheck the "Hide advanced configuration options" and when asked for the Instance name, you can type in "QABookInstance".
    Q. 2 : QABook™ uses Microsoft SQLEE. What are the limitations of SQL Server Express Edition?   expand
    SQL Server Express Edition will allow you to store up to 4 gig before asking you to upgrade. You can export your projects to QABook™ Project Files and clear the DB down if you reach that stage. You can also install QABook™ on other machines or partitions if you need to.
  • General
    Q. 1 : How is the product supported?   expand
    For purchases of QABook™ Desktop we operate email support only with an SLA of 24 hours. That is, any question received by email will receive an email response within 24 hours. For Enterprise we provide phone and email support. Again the email support will carry an SLA of 24 hours. If the matter is urgent we would ask you to call us. All support contact details will be provided on purchase.  When you purchase we will provide you with our customer support email address.  NB: This is different to our general address advertised on this site.
    Q. 2 : What are the maintenance costs?   expand
    There is no maintenance charge for QABook™ Desktop. All QABook™ Desktop (client side) releases are posted on our Latest Updates page. You can then upgrade your QABook™ client software free of charge. From time to time there will be a need to upgrade the server side software but this is quite rare. If there is a server side upgrade we will ask you on the Latest Updates page to contact us for the latest version. The actual server side version is not available to download from our site.