QABook Agile - Project Management Tool

Everything you need to Plan, Develop, Test and Ship faster.

QABook Agile is an extensive project, test and defect management solution integrated into one of the world's leading project collaboration platforms.

QABook Agile Real-time Customisable Dashboard
QABook Agile - Project Management Tool

QABook Agile is designed for scrum and kanban agile methodologies.

QABook Agile Kanban

QABook Agile Scrum

Agile Board

In Scrum, QABook Agile presents you with a snapshot of the current sprint backlog showing tasks that are pending. In progress or done. In Kanban, you'll see the work and workflow allowing you to focus on the flow and limit the work in progress.

QABook Agile Board (Scrum / Kanban)

Realtime Customisable Dashboard

Choose widgets and customise them

See your team's progress in real time with a fully customisable dashboard and include all of the critical information you need and even make it available to your team.
Realtime Customisable Dashboard - QABook Agile


Built-in Bug tracking in QABook Agile allows you to create, manage, evaluate and prioritise bugs.

Create and manage bugs, flaws, failures or faults that are causing a software system to crash or produce invalid outputs.

QABook Agile Bug Tracking

Agile Project Management

JIRA Integration

Create re-usable filters

Agile Project Management

Epics: Create and manage large user stories that cannot fit in a given sprint

Product Backlog: Create and manage requirements, user stories and tasks by describing the behavior (BDD Story) and Acceptance Criteria used in developing a system

Epics and Product Backlog - QABook Agile

JIRA Integration

***Available in our next update of QABook Agile*** QABook JIRA Integration is a robust two-way integration enabling users of both systems to enjoy the benefits of sharing information and data.

Jira Integration - QABook Agile

Create re-usable filters

Create, save and apply filter as default

Re-use filters on real-time customisable dashboard widgets to filter records on data grids or generate charts based on saved filters. Filters can be applied on fixed fields as well as custom fields

Create re-usable filters - QABook Agile

Custom Fields - QABook

Custom Fields

Create virtually unlimited custom fields of various data types, mark as mandatory or optional, single or multi-select, choose default values and associate with modules

In-module Charts - QABook

In-module Charts

Coming soon... Graphically visualise data from the above modules into various charts. Fields include fixed and custom. Also available in real-time customisable dashboard.

Email Alerts - QABook

Email Alerts

Email notifications are automatically setup for users and are removed when users are no longer associated with the projects. Notifications can be configured at Module or Record level.

Project Wide Search - QABook

Project Wide Search

Perform a project wide search without navigating away from your current workspace or module. Search results page is configurable to set the page size or limit results to specified Modules.

QABook-Agile Configurable Automatic Reference and Prefix

Configurable Automatic Reference and Prefix

Unique References can be configured at project and module level to define a start value. A Prefix can be defined and changed during the project lifecycle. For Example BAK_0001 for Project Backlog Items.

QABook Agile Drag Drop

Drag Drop

Drag and Drop items on the Agile Board to quickly change the state. You can also drag and drop items from Backlog and Bugs to a Sprint during Planning session. This increases your productivity incredibly.

QABook Agile End to End Traceability

End-to-end Traceability

Track the traceability from Epics module down to the Bugs module. The traceability is available with clickable links in Epic, Backlog, Test and Defect modules.

QABook Agile Project Level Customisation

Project level Customisation

You can customise fields such as Status, Sub-Status for Kanban, Priority as well as effort within each project. Choose between Hours, Complexity or Story Points for your Effort measurement.