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QABook™ BugReach allows for web based defect management. This solution can be deployed as a standalone issue tracking system, or in conjunction with QABook™ Desktop and/or Enterprise.

BugReach Edition

QABook™ BugReach is a simple yet powerful and affordable defect tracking system, providing a centralized repository for tracking defects across multiple projects. The modern web interface provides for a smooth user experience.

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‘Simple’ is the key here
Any bug tracking system has to be easy to use otherwise your testers and business users alike will not use it. If you don’t put effort into raising and managing your defects then you could end up taking your product to market with fundamental flaws.

Easy Bug Tracking

Easy Bug Tracking

You can move quickly and easily between projects, raise a defect by completing just two fields, easily filter your defects and then create on-demand graphs against this data.

User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

QABook™ BugReach has been developed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We promote usability through the use of colours, allow you to create multiple user groups, and employ tabbing to help you easily find relevant Defect data.

Perfect for distributed development teams

Perfect for distributed development teams

It is not uncommon to have multiple teams in multiple locations on the same project. As developers are only interested in seeing Defects, QABook™ BugReach provides them with exactly what they need. Your testers can then use QABook™ Desktop or Enterprise to access your Requirements and Test Cases. All three editions of QABook™ read from and write to the same database so all users, regardless of preferred interface, will see the same Defects.


Introduce quality to your organisation over time

If you do not have any test or quality management systems in your organisation right now, then why not start with QABook™ BugReach to introduce good practice around defect management. Over time add QABook Desktop and/or QABook Enterprise to your product portfolio, and seamlessly upgrade and enhance your quality management system at your convenience with an interface and method of working your team are already familiar with.

QABook™ BugTrack (Defect Management Tool)

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