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QABook™ Enterprise integrates directly with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013 providing your organisation with an amazing test and quality management solution. Also available as SaaS on our cloud.

Enterprise Edition

QABook™ Enterprise integrates directly with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 & 2013 providing your organisation with an amazing Test Management solution. It is designed to fit into any type of business regardless of industry.

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QABook™ Enterprise is:

Provides a web-based Quality Assurance solution for both Project and Test Management

Perfect for multi-national enterprise level deployments and yet also financially accessible to smaller organisations. QABook™ Enteprise is also available as a cloud based solution, making it an even more affordable option. Click here to see the full pricing detals.

QABook™ Enterprise is an extensive project and test management solution, encompassing a leading Test Management product integrated into one of the world’s leading Project Collaboration platforms. View your Project Requirements, Project Success Criteria, Environment Information, Test Cases, Test Runs, Defects and Test Reports on the same interface as your Calendar, Tasks, To Do lists, Documents, Forums, Team Discussions, News, Announcements and much more.


Microsoft SharePoint Server (2007, 2010. 2013) Integration

QABook™ Enterprise integrates directly with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (2007 and 2010) providing your organisation with the best test management solution available today. By integrating with SharePoint, QABook™ is fully extensible. An organisation with SharePoint knowledge can extend and customise the platform with company templates (logos, style sheets) and centralise their project assets.


Leverage your Technology Investment in SharePoint

If your company has already implemented SharePoint then QABook™ really is for you. It enables you to leverage your investment whilst supporting staff investment, and provides you with a number of flexible deployment methods. If you do not currently have SharePoint, an investment in both SharePoint and QABook™ will still rival any serious competitor on both functionality and cost.


Customise your Test Management Experience

SharePoint sites are easy to create and give users the content they need, the way they want it. SharePoint provides a full set of tools that your team can use to create any kind of site, plus a single infrastructure that simplifies site management. The full set of features in SharePoint can help anyone build a site from start to finish. Other features make it simple to modify pages; change content, add interaction and apply a design theme. Novice or expert, anyone can quickly create, customise, and publish a site that looks great and meets a specific business need.


A Global Solution

A single Server installation of QABook™ Enterprise Edition can support any number of test cases for any number of applications under test from any location. The use of QABook™ and the number of users is only limited to your server hardware, configuration, and SharePoint license agreement.

QABook™ Enterprise (Test Management Solution)

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