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QABook™ Server creates and manages the QABook™ Database and Network floating licenses. It is shipped with all editions of QABook; Enteprise, Desktop and BugReach.

QABook™ Server

QABook™ Server application is required regardless of which edition of QABook™ you employ. It helps perform the following tasks:


  • Creates QABook™ Database
  • Creates a SQL Server login for use by the QABook™ Clients to connect to your database
  • Ensures that the database is available to QABook™ clients by ensuring the following setup:
    • SQL Server Authentication mode is enabled
    • TCP/IP is enabled
    • Remote Connections are enabled
    • SQL Browser / SQL Server services are running
  • Upgrades your QABook™ database when a new version of software is released


QABook™ Server application manages your Network Floating License Model. An Administrator user can perform the following actions using the Licensing Module:

  • Add and activate license keys for QABook™ Desktop, Web and Enterprise
  • Revoke a user license
  • View license pool records which shows who is currently logged in along with following properties:
    • License key granted
    • Type of key (Client/Server , Web or Enterprise)
    • User’s full name
    • Machine name
    • IP address
    • Date and time when a key was granted and revoked
  • View license logs – This includes the following information:
    • License requested
    • License granted
    • License revoked (with reason such as User Application Exit, Windows Shut down etc.)
    • Error messages related to licenses if any

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