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QABook™ Desktop Release Note

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QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Friday, November 19, 2010

The highlights of v2.1.61.37 are summarised below:

  • User Permission Settings

    • The following User Groups are createdby default and further custom User Groups can be created by an Administrator:

      • Administrator: Access to Administration module. The only user group with the ability to create Projects and Environments

      • Project Manager: Able to manage Requirements & Defects, and control the association of Users & Environments with a project

      • Development Manager: Able to manage Defects.

      • Test Manager: Has most unrestricted access to Vienna

      • Developer: Restricted access to all modules except Defects

      • Tester: Access to all modules with some restrictions ineach

      • Viewer: Read only access to all modules

      • Desktop User Group: Full access to Vienna. Group restricted to the Free Desktop edition

    • Permissions can be applied to a Module, individual field or drop down list (e.g. a Developer cannot close a defect).

    • Integration with Directory Services using LDAP Protocol. The following Authentication providers are now available when setting up User Permissions:

      • Windows Authentication: Automatic authentication using windows account. User will not be prompted to enter their login credentials.

      • LDAP Authentication: Authenticates a user through directory services implemented in Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

      • Built-In: Authenticates user through Vienna’s secure built-in authentication. User information is stored securely in the Vienna Database.

    • On first installation a user will be prompted to setup permissions which is a one-time wizard for the Desktop Edition. Using client/server edition, an administrator can change the authentication providers if required at any point.

  • Administration Module (Client/Server only): The Administration module allows an administrator to perform the following actions:

    • Delete Projects

    • Modify Permissions on existing projects

    • Add/Remove users from projects

    • Add/Remove environments from projects

    • Add Custom User Groups and view permissions on the existing User Groups

    • Delete Custom User Groups

    • Change authentication provider

    • Import Users from Directory Services

  • Record Filter: Record filtering has been implemented in the following modules:

    • Requirements

    • Test Cases

    • Test Runs

    • Defects

    • Filter can be applied to most available fields

  • Advanced Search: Advanced search is now available from Vienna’s Tool Bar. The search will automatically use wildcards so no need to enter a wildcard character i.e. ‘*’. Existing Search functionality is still available using the Edit > Find menu or CTRL+F shortcut key.

  • Performance Improvement: Up to 50% performance improvement in all Modules.

  • Record Count: A Row counter has been added to most of the tab controls which displays number of comments, number of steps in a Test Case, number of records in the change history etc.

  • Additional Tab: Associated Test Cases in a Test Run are now displayed on a separate tab.

  • Test Runner Enhancements: The following enhancements have been made to the Test Runner

    • The progress % is now displayed on the Progress bar

    • Test Case Reference is now displayed on the Title bar

    • Automatic focus of the Test Runner on mouse over

To download this latest version, please click on Download Vienna - Test ManagementTM You will be required to login or register before you downloadour software.

To install this newer version of Vienna, please uninstall your existing version and then run the download. You should not lose any data currently stored in your SQL database, as this is unaffected by the installation.

NB: There have been many database updates during this release.Vienna will automatically update the database and these updates will be shownon the Splash Screen when you first launch Vienna Desktop