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QABook™ Desktop Release Note

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QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Friday, February 04, 2011

The highlights of v2.1.78.58 are summarised below:

  • Components Module

·        The Components Module can be used to break your project down into small units

·        This is an open module where you decide how best to use it for your project.  For example, you may wish to use this module to track your Release/Version numbers, or Sprints (if following an Agile methodology), or Sub Systems/ Functional Areas etc.

·        Traceability: For each component, a user is shown a list of all the entities assigned using a tabbed layout.

·        Requirement, Test Case and Defect records all now display the Component they belong to

·        Following default permissions are available:

o   Management Team – Create / Modify / Delete Components

o   Tester / Developer – View / Modify (if owner)

o   Viewer – Read only view


·        Ability to modify existing drop down list values and add further values to those lists

·        Ability to apply colouring to each drop down item for easier user detection

·        Introduction of a Defect Status Classification to specify whether a defect status is valid (i.e. open, assigned etc.) or not valid (i.e. closed, not a bug etc.)

·        Import/Export and Word Report now supports the Component column within the Requirements, Test Cases and Defects module

·        Automatic assignment of a Component to a defect based on associated test case when a defect is raised through the Test Runner

                    Layout Improvements

·        Layout has been improved in all the data grids to further improve the readability of the entities

·        Grid lines have been removed

·        Title/Name text is now shown in bold

·        Colouring introduced in the data grids as part of Customisation

                    Unlock Records

·        A Vienna administrator now has the capability to unlock records from within the data grid using a right click context menu.

                    Further Enhancements

·        Windows Operating System copy and paste functionality has been introduced, automatically appending “copy (x)” text to the title / name fields

·        Ability to create new environments from within the Test Run creation window

·        Ability to automatically save a Test Case Step when Test Case details are being saved

·        Ability to re-sequence Test Case Steps from within the edit window

·        Automatic unique reference when copying entities such as Requirements, Test Cases and Defects

·        Test Runner progress bar updated to display progress as 1/X instead of 0/X

To download this latest version, please click on Download Vienna - Test ManagementTM You will be required to login or register before you download our software.

To install this newer version of Vienna, please uninstall your existing version and then run the download. You should not lose any data currently stored in your SQL database, as this is unaffected by the installation.