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Release Note

QABook™ Desktop Release Note

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QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The highlights of this release are summarised below:

  • Bulk Update

·        Bulk update functionality has been introduced in the Requirements, Test Cases and Defects modules

·        The User can select multiple records and change the values of all records rapidly. These changes are reflected in the Change History

                    In-Module Coverage Graphs

·        49 new Coverage Graphs have been introduced in the following modules:

o   Requirements (19 new Graphs)

o   Test Cases (9 new Graphs)

o   Test Runs (2 new Graphs)

o   Defects (19 new Graphs)

·        Any changes to the data within the grid view will automatically update the graphs (switch folders, search, apply filter and inline editing)

·        User can now copy both the in-module and reporting graphs to the clipboard

                    In-Module Status Bar

·        Each Module has a new Status bar which shows useful information including:

o   Currently selected Folder

o   Total number of records in the list

o   Number of records selected by the user

o   Quick links to display number of records assigned to field values

o   Options to display data in three different views:

o   List (displays all Records for specified criteria)

o   Graph (displays selected Graph for specified criteria)

o   Hybrid (displays combination of Records and Graph)

                    Record Change History

·        Record change history implementation has now been fully completed for in-line editing as well as the Record edit windows

                    Folder Control Enhancement

·        All folders now display a 2-part counter in the format (X/Y), where:

o   X is s the number of records within the selected folder

o   Y is the number of records within the selected folder plus all its sub folders

                    Reference Field Enhancement

·        When copying and pasting records, a new unique reference will be automatically generated

·        When importing records from an Excel document, if “use default” option is selected, a new unique Reference will be generated for each record

                    Further Enhancements

·        Test Case Steps can now be re-ordered via the record edit window

·        “Company” column added in User Selection window

·        Sorting allowed on “Name” and “Company” within the User Selection window

·        Project Components now included as part of the Project Import/Export

·        “Modified On” date filter added

·        Noticeable performance improvement in all modules

·        New ‘Start Again’ and ‘Continue’ options added to the Test Run window

·        Improvement to Test Runner counters

·        Many other enhancements and defect fixes

To download this latest version, please click on Download Vienna - Test ManagementTM. You will be required to login or register before you download our software. 

To install this newer version of Vienna, please uninstall your existing version and then run the download. You should not lose any data currently stored in your SQL database, as this is unaffected by the installation.