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Release Note

QABook™ Desktop Release Note

Automatically Raise Defects

QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Thursday, November 03, 2011

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook Desktop and Client/Server version

The highlights of this release are summarised below:

  • Re-Branding

·        QABook is now the new name for Vienna – Test Management.

·        A more user friendly tool bar:

o   Larger Icons with text underneath

o   Rarely used icons removed

                    Bulk Update

·        Bulk update now works for a single record in the Requirements, Test Cases and Defects modules

                    Filter Enhancements

·        Filter by Components

·        Show a list of defects not assigned

·        Show Requirements which are associated with Test Cases

·        Show Requirements which are not associated with Test Cases

·        Show Test Cases that are not associated with a Test Run


·        Traceability tab now only displays unresolved defects

·        The Status of Requirements, Test Cases and Defects is now displayed and highlighted in the relevant colour

                    Performance Enhancements

·        Noticeable performance improvements across all Modules

                    Further Enhancements

·        Minimize/close QABook during launch from the Splash Screen

·        Cancel button provided on the initial database configuration window

·        Ability to type the database server details on the initial database configuration window

·        You can now sort by Component in the data grids

·        The Use Selection window shows the number of rows selected

·        Defect module Status bar now displays ‘Raised By’ and ‘Assigned To’ counts

·        Database updates for integration with QABook Enterprise Edition

·        Memory leak issue fixed

·        QABook User Guide now shipped with the installation and can be launched from the Start menu or from QABook’s Help icon

·        UI improvements within all modules

·        Ability to search Defects by Reference

·        Requirement status is now calculated automatically based on all Test Cases that associated with the Requirements

·        LDAP integration issues fixed

·        Various other bug Fixes

To download this latest version, please click on Download QABook DesktopTM. You will be required to login or register before you download our software. 

To install QABook, please uninstall your existing copy of Vienna and then run the download. You should not lose any of the data stored in your Vienna database, as this is unaffected by the installation.

QABook will manage the migration from Vienna as follows:

·A Command prompt will appear which will copy all the files from your Vienna folder structure to the new QABook folder structure

·You existing configuration file will be updated to reflect the new QABook directory structure

·Location of the recently used project list will be updated in the registry

We will post all software updates on our Latest Updates page on so keep an eye out for new announcements, and thank you for your continued support. 

If you have any questions please use our 
Forums page or email us at