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QABook™ Desktop Release Note

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QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Vienna v2.1.43.7 released with the following key features:

  • Re-Running a Test Run: The user can now re-run an existing Test Run without having to copy it first

  • Test Run History: A DataGrid has been added to the Test Run window to detail the run history. Each record in the grid can be opened to display more details such as associated test cases and as granular as the result of individual test steps

  • Copying a Test Run:  The history is no longer copied when a user copies and pastes a Test Run. It is now treated as a brand new test run. The duration field is also reset to 0

  • Test Run "Shortcut Mode" checkbox:  State now retained rather than re-set each time

  • Environment Password Encryption and Display: The Server application now provides for Environment Security Preferences with options to Hide Password, Include password in Microsoft Word report, Include password in exported files (both Vienna's own file format and Microsoft Excel)

  • Environment Reporting:  Microsoft Word report now displays the Environment IP Address / Credentials

  • Automatic Defect Capture: The ‘Actual Results’ field is now captured in the defect description

To download this latest version, please click on Download Vienna - Test Management™. You are required to register before you download our software.


Vienna Server users please note:  In order to address some of the above requirements new database tables were added and some changes were made to the Server application. Therefore all those that have purchased Vienna Server or are evaluating a trial copy, you will need to download and install the server application first before downloading and installing the client software.The server application will automatically create the database tables required by this new version. Please contact NMQA if you are a Vienna Server customer.