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QABook™ Desktop Release Note

Automatically Raise Defects

QABook™ Desktop (version - Release Note

Friday, July 23, 2010

The highlights of v2.1.49.27 are summarised below:

  • A Requirements to Test Cases to Defects traceability view has been implemented along with links to navigate between the entities.

  • Vienna is now able to connect to a default instance of SQL Server.

  • An option is now available within the Test Run edit window to tell the Test Runner to either continue further steps when a defect is raised or just mark the Test Case as "bugs" and ignore further steps. NB: When a step is marked as "failed", as before the user cannot continue executing further steps.

  • A read only record Change History has been introduced in all modules.

  • The Comments field has been enhanced and the Notes field removed. This allows a user to create multiple comments which has a timestamp as well as the user (machine name and logged in user's name) who created it.

  • The layout has been changed to include tabbing on the list view as well as on the edit window to better organise your data.

  • Test Case re-ordering has been implemented when Test Cases are associated to a Test Run. These Test Cases will now run in the order set by the user.

  • Enhanced performance within the list views for all modules and the Test Runner.

  • Database connection settings are now stored securely (encrypted).

  • Able to re-run an existing Test Run once all the Test Cases have been executed.

  • When a defect is raised through a Test Runner, the actual results field is also captured and included within the defect description field. This way, the user can check the "automatic raise defect" option and not worry about completing the defect details manually.

  • Test Runner keyboard shortcut status is now retained.

  • Within the Test Run edit window, the user can now select multiple associated Test Cases and remove them on a single click.

  • Minor enhancements in the Word report generation

  • When a Test Run is copied, the duration field is now reset to 0 instead of being copied from the original.

  • When creating a Test Case inline, Vienna will now automatically assign the last user that was assigned to a Test Case within a particular folder.

  • The Test Case title field is now mandatory when using inline editing.

  • Invalid URL format issue has been fixed when a url similar to "http://servername:8080/test/" is used.

To download this latest version, please click on Download Vienna - Test Management™. You are required to register before you download our software.

NB: There are many database updates in this release. Vienna will automatically update the database and move all previously entered Notes into the Comments field. It will also automatically move your previous Defect History to the newly implemented Change History.