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QABook™ BugReach Release Note

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QABook™ BugReach (version - Release Note

Friday, June 01, 2012

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook Web v2.1.15.133.

The highlights of the QABook™ Web release are summarised below:


Bug Fixes

  • Duplication of records fixed when the refresh or F5 key was being pressed on the Defect Management page
  • The Change History issue which was showing the amended fields except for the title.
  • Date format in defect filter – when entering a date and tabbing out of the field, the date format changes mm/dd/yyyy
  • Calendar in filter disabled unless the user check the tick box for ‘Exclude Creation date Filters
  • Drop downs were not displayed correctly in IE9
  • User credentials of the login box was appearing outside the login box fields
  • When creating a new defect ,the root folder was selected before creating and then the recycle bin folder gets selected after the defect is created
  • Creation date filter does not work support UK format
  • Stored procedure script was not executing properly when freshly installing QABook
  • New defect cannot be added in a newly created project in QABook™ Web
  • When SMPT server is not set up in the database, an exception was thrown when updating a defect
  • Select component filter did not work when applied to a list of defect
  • When updating a priority value in QABook™ Desktop, it did not reflect in QABook™ Web
  • NULL exception was sometimes thrown in the defect details page
  • A black box was appearing when loading the defect management page
  • After performing a search, the reset button was still visible when changing a folder



  • Files can now be uploaded via the Add Defect window in the defect management page
  • Comments now has the author’s name written next to them
  • Search box now indicates what can be searched for
  • Defect references can now be searched
  • Stored procedures are automatically created the first time a user logins QABook™ Web. It also updates it whenever a new version of the stored procedure is detected
  • The version number is visible on the login page of QABook™ Web