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Release Note

QABook™ BugReach Release Note

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QABook™ BugReach (version - Release Note

Friday, January 18, 2013

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook BugReach v3.1.26.213

The highlights of the QABook BugReach release are summarised below:


·         Re-Branding

o   QABookTM BugReach is the new name for QABookTM Web

·         Labels (Custom Fields)

o   QABookTM now allows creation of unlimited custom fields which will be available to the end users in Requirements, Test Cases and/or Defects Module

o   Supported data types include:

§  Text - Allows the end user to select one or more values from a pre-defined list.

§  Number - Allows the end user to select one or more values from a pre-defined numeric list.

§  DateTime - Allows the end user to select a calendar date. This value is directly assigned to a selected entity (Requirement, Test Case, Defect etc).

§  Boolean - Allows the end user to select one of two pre-defined values.

§  Free Text - Allows the end user to enter free text.

§  URL - Allows the end user to enter a clickable URL.

o   A Label can be marked as Mandatory or Optional

o   Default values can be assigned to Labels of type Text, Number, Boolean and DateTime

o   Option available to automatically assign default values to all records in targeted Module(s)

·         Email Alert Enhancements

o   Ability to specify an alert title when setting up email alerts

o   Email alert subject now includes alert title, project name and a record title

o   An administrator can setup alerts for all users in a project

o   Email alerts are now logged in the database

·         Export to Excel

o   Export to excel functionality is now available in QABookTM BugReach

o   Following export options are available:

§  All – Exports all defects including the recycle bin folder

§  Current View – Exports defects based on the current folder selection, search criteria and/or applied filter

·         Performance Enhancements

o   Noticeable performance improvements on all areas

·         Associated defects and test cases drop down values now include reference field followed by the title

·         Defects can now be opened in a new tab or a window via defect list page

Further Enhancements

·         Added a back button on the alert page

·         Permissioning related issues fixed

·         More user friendly error messages are displayed when a database connection fails

·         Date format issues fixed for Network Floating License

·         Caching enhancements to improve performance

·         The character limits are removed from the Comments

·         Other minor enhancements and bug fixes