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QABook™ Enterprise Release Note

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QABook™ Enterprise (version 2.0) - Release Note

Monday, September 12, 2011

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of Vienna Enterprise v2.0

The highlights of the Vienna™ Enterprise release are summarised below:

·       Vienna Enterprise supports SharePoint 2007 (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, MOSS Standard and Enterprise and SharePoint 2010 Standard and Enterprise).

·       Enhanced Test Runner with multiple user support

·       User Permission settings

o   Permissions can be applied to a Module, individual field or drop down list (e.g. a Developer cannot close a defect).

o   The following User Groups are created by default and further custom User Groups can be created by an Administrator:

§  Administrator: Access to Administration module. The only user group with the ability to create Projects and Environments

§  Project Manager: Able to manage Requirements & Defects, and control the association of Users & Environments with a project

§  Development Manager: Able to manage Defects.

§  Test Manager: Has most unrestricted access to Vienna

§  Developer: Restricted access to all modules except Defects

§  Tester: Access to all modules with some restrictions in each

§  Viewer: Read only access to all modules

·       LDAP Integration

o   Vienna Enterprise supports Integration with Directory Services using LDAP Protocol. The following Authentication providers are now available when setting up User Permissions:

§  LDAP Authentication: Authenticates a user through directory services implemented in Internet Protocol (IP) networks

§  Built-In: Authenticates user through Vienna’s secure built-in authentication. User information is stored securely in the Vienna Database

o   On first installation a user will be prompted to setup permissions which is a one-time wizard. Using client/server edition, an administrator can change the authentication providers if required at any point

Bug Fixes:

·       The update fixes the issue with Test Run – when users work on same test cases they do not step over each other in this update

·       Test run duration now saved and displayed correctly in Test Run Execution history

·       Project settings – KPI now shows project/permission based counts

·       Images now use relative path to support sites created at a sub level