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Release Note

QABook™ Enterprise Release Note

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QABook™ Enterprise (version - Release Note

Thursday, February 09, 2012

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook Enterprise v3.0.79.69.

The highlights of the QABook™ Enterprise release are summarised below:

·       Re-Branding:

o   QABook is now the new name for Vienna – Test Management.

o   A more user friendly tool bar:

§  Larger Icons with text underneath

§  Rarely used icons removed


·        QABook Enterprise supports Windows Server 2003 with SharePoint 2007 (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, MOSS) and Windows Server 2008 R2 with SharePoint 2007 (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, MOSS 2007 Standard and Enterprise, SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise).


·       Export functionality:

o   With the new QABook Enterprise you can now export your Defects, Requirements and Test Cases to Microsoft Excel in the following formats:

§  xlsx format:

·       Exports to Excel file even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on the server

·       QAbook uses OpenXML to export data in Excel files in xlsx format which works only in Microsoft 2007 or later.

§  xls format:

·       QABook uses Interop on the server to export data in Excel files in xls format

·       If the server does not have Interop, QABook will export the data in Excel files with HTML format () which can be re-imported back to QABook as it is in the required format

o   QABook provides following options while exporting the data:

§  Export all the data in the selected format.

§  Export selected data.

§  Export in the Current View: In this option the exported data entrusts the applied filters, if any. And the order of exported data is maintained with the current view


·       New template based email alerts functionality has been implemented which now shows which fields have been changed in case of records modified.


·       Test Runner Enhancements:

o   New Agile-friendly Test Runner. If your test cases do not contain test steps QABook will automatically change the UI, displaying the following fields instead

§  Test Case Description

§  Defect Description

o   The following functionality is now supported during Test Execution:

§  Pause/Resume test execution without closing the Test Runner

§  View Test Case and Test Run description

§  View/Attach screenshots to the Test Case under test or the Test Run (ability to upload screenshot from a file system or capture from multiple screens)

§  View/Attach files to the Test Case under test or the Test Run

§  View/Add comments to the Test Case under test or the Test Run

·        Ability to Delete and re-order multiple steps in test cases


·        Advanced search: is now available for project wise search, search in a webpart/ module


·        Network Floating License

o   QABook Enterprise  now supports floating licenses

o   A single user friendly Licensing Manager within the QABook Server application to manage all your licenses for Desktop, Web and Enterprise (including trial licenses)


·       Printing functionality for any records in QABook Enterprise using a separate printing page.


Bug fixes:

·       The webparts on QABook Enterprise now do not throw an exception if no project is selected

·       Copying a test case: now copies its steps and users are able to modify the copied test cases.

·       Uniformed Date format throughout QABook Enterprise

·       Comments on the test cases are now being saved in this release

·       Image attachments fixed and attached images now show up in QABook Enterprise.

·       Change history issue fixed:

o   Correct user name is now displayed under created by

o   Change history is now recorded when uploading files/images/comments in all modules