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QABook™ Enterprise Release Note

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QABook™ Enterprise (version - Release Note

Monday, July 08, 2013

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook™ Enterprise v3.2.127.128

The highlights of QABook™ Enterprise v3.2.127.128 are summarised below:

  • Agile friendly and enhanced test runner:


    • Test runner now supports execution of test cases without steps
    • Option to view long test case description in more readable modal popup window via a link provided under the step number label
    • “Action” label is now replaced by step numbers
    • Ability to view test case or test run information such as description, screenshots, file attachments and comments
    • Ability to attach screenshots, files and add comments to currently running test case or a test run
    • Single click screenshot capture functionality is also available via the ActiveX control
    • Defect description now contains the expected result as well as the actual result text (when raising defect automatically or manually) for the data that is captured automatically
    • Previous actual result text is no longer populated on subsequent runs

  • Dashboard enhancements – Dashboard now shows records using the below criteria:

    • Requirements assigned to the currently logged in user in priority order with status other than “Passed”
    • Test runs or any test cases contained within these test runs that are assigned to the current user having “Pending” status
    • Test runs marked as “Complete” will no longer appear in the list
    • Ability to start test execution from within the dashboard. Click the down arrow or right click on the test run name and select “Start”

  • Folder control enhancements

    • Folder control now temporarily retains the expand and collapse state of each folder
    • Folder control is now resizable and the resize dimensions are persisted in a cookie setting per module

  • Ability to re-order the test cases from within the test run edit window


    • When creating or modifying existing test runs, please select or deselect your test cases as usual using the check boxes provided and set a position number in the boxes under the “Position” column
    • You can use decimal numbers to further re-order your test cases or add test cases between your existing ones for e.g. if the current positions are 1, 2, 3 and 4 and you would like to add another test case in between 2 and 3, you can simply type 2.5 as a position number for your new test case. Once saved, the position numbers will be set as a whole number value and saved against a test run

  • Ability to create new web browser(s) and to add a web browser executable path is now supported in test run edit window (based on user permissions)
  • Ability to create new operating system(s) and web browser(s) from within the defects edit window (based on user permissions)
  • Ability to create new software and products from within the environments module (based on user permissions)
  • Noticeable performance improvement across the application

Bug Fixes and other Enhancements:

  • Email alert bug fixes and enhancements including correct line spacing of text
  • Search functionality enhancements
  • Permission related bug fixes
  • Bug fixes and further improvements in folder control

Various other enhancements and bug fixes are also included in this release.