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QABook™ Server Release Note

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Monday, June 30, 2014

We are very pleased to announce the release of QABook Server v4.0.0.0 – Released 30th June 2014

The changes in this release are detailed below:

·         SQL Connection

o   Ability to connect to any local or remote SQL Server Instance allowing you to install QABook Server application on a server/workstation other than on the SQL Server

o   Added support for SQL Cluster

o   New SQL Server login is now created and automatically associated with QABook database with db_owner permissions instead of sysadmin role

·         QABook Service

o   QABook Windows Service is now available as a part of the installation package

o   QABook Service can manage your network floating licenses removing the need to keep QABook Server application running on your server/workstation

·         License Module

o   QABook Web license renamed to QABook BugReach

o   New QABook BugShare license support added (trial and full version)

·         Other Enhancements

o   QABook Server dashboard now shows how the licenses are managed i.e. managed by QABook Server or QABook Service

o   Other bug fixes and enhancements are also included in this release