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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

NMQA are pleased to announce the release of QABook BugReach v3.2.30.222

The highlights of this release are summarised below:


·         Labels (Custom Fields)

o   QABookTM BugReach now allows the ability to apply filter on Custom Fields. Any new Custom Fields created via the Administration Module will automatically appear under the Filters section

o   Custom Field of type Text (list of pre-defined values) for a single select Custom Field is now replaced with a drop down with filter capabilities instead of a data grid with pagination and checkboxes. This allows for easy selection of a value if you have a long list.

o   Search box is now integrated with Custom Fields allowing you to search for Defects using keywords within the FreeText and URL Custom Fields

o   Ability to import large number of custom field values from Excel spreadsheet via the Administration Interface in QABook Desktop. You do not require Microsoft Office in order to import from Excel

·         Create and modify Defects

o   Quick Create Defect popup window now contains a tab for Custom Fields to provide the ability to auto select default Custom Field Values as well as for end users to select Custom Field Values

o   Quick Edit Defect popup window also contains a tab for Custom Fields to provide the ability for end users to change Custom Field Value selection

o   For both options above, if a mandatory Custom Field value is not provided, an error message is displayed with a list of fields that have a value missing

Further Enhancements

·         Improved user interface and usability within the Web Browser and Operating System selection tab when modifying existing Defects

·         An Intermittent issue fixed where the folder counts were not getting updated when moving Defects to the Recycle Bin folder

·         Various other minor enhancements and bug fixes are also included in this release