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QABook Enterprise Cloud (version - Release Note Latest Release

Saturday, February 08, 2014

·         Module’s main landing (list view) page improvements:

o   Folder control’s height is now auto expandable including a fixed minimum height resulting in no vertical scrollbar and improved usability

o   Folder control’s toolbar button now opens popup window to create/rename a folder or to delete a folder resulting in any search criteria, filter or sort to be preserved in the list view.

o   Folder control now contains a toggle button to hide or show the folder control. These settings are saved per module in a browser cookie.

o   Folder control now contains connecting lines for improved tree structure view.

o   Split view has been replaced with a single list view with auto-expandable height and a single scrollbar to display more records on a single page view.

o   Status bar has been moved to the top of the page under the toolbar buttons.

o   Improved popup for in-module charts.

o   When scrolling to the bottom of the list page, the toolbar automatically appears always on top to ensure the general toolbar functionality is available at any scroll point on the page.

o   Clicking on “New” button from the toolbar now opens a popup window to create new records again preserving any search criteria, filter or sort on the list view page on refresh.

o   Clicking on a record name/title opens record details in a popup page.

o   You can right-click and select “Open in new tab” or CTRL+Click on a record name/title to open multiple records in new tabs instead of a popup window.

o   To modify existing records, you can click on the “Edit” link on the last column of the data grid or open a record by clicking on a record name/title and then the edit button from the toolbar from within the popup.

o   Any page refreshes after viewing, creating or modifying records (including folders) will preserve the last search criteria, filter or sort order.

o   Data grid cells now contain a border for a clear separation of fields.

·         Record Details page (read-only view) enhancements:

o   All records now open in a popup by default.

o   Improved layout including grid lines and background colour across all tabs.

o   Navigation added on the toolbar to navigate to the next, previous, first, last or any desired record by entering the index of a record in the textbox and pressing the enter key on the keyboard.

o   Navigation is contextual i.e. displays navigation for only those records that are being displayed on the list view along with any search criteria, filter or sort order.

o   Navigation also appears when a record is clicked from the search results page.

·         Record Create/Edit page improvements:

o   All records now open in a popup by default.

o   Improved layout including grid lines and background colour.

o   Clicking on create saves the record and reloads the list view page.

o   Clicking on update button saves the record changes and only reloads the list view page when required (i.e. if any of the displayed fields have changed).

o   Save, Update and Cancel buttons always appear.

·         Other UI enhancements:

o   Improved compatibility with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

o   Project wide Search box now appears on all read only as well as all create/edit pages.

o   You can now enter a search criteria and press enter key on the keyboard to perform a search (project wide as well as in-module search).

o   Project wide search results now open in a popup.

o   Certain data grid columns have a fixed width for improved layout.

o   Other general UI improvements across all pages.

·         Test Run User Selection Page improvements:

o   Removed Project / Client Images.

o   Replaced Project Description with Test Run Description.

o   Logged in user’s test to appear at the top of the list.

o   Performance improvement.

·         Folder Delete Page enhancements:

o   Folder name of a folder being delete is now displayed.

o   A message is displayed when a folder being deleted is empty.

o   When deleting a root or recycle bin folder, an error message is displayed as these folders cannot be deleted.

·         Other enhancements:

o   When changing projects, the default folder is auto selected on each module and records (if any) displayed in the list view.

o   Performance Improvements across all Modules.

·         Bug Fixes:

o   Google Chrome and Safari scroll issue fixed.        

o   Test Runner manual defect raise option now captures all required information including screenshots.

·         Other enhancements and bug fixes.

·         Various other UI improvements and new functionality will follow in subsequent release.